Diverse Paths to Leadership in Infrastructure Mentorship Program

Welcome! We are so glad you are interested in participating in the YPI inaugural mentorship program.

At our core, YPI is about diversity and learning. With the Diverse Paths to Leadership in Infrastructure mentorship program, YPI strives to provide opportunities for our members that will make a direct impact on the decisions they make today for a better tomorrow in infrastructure.

Program Specifications:

  • YPI Mentees must be YPI Members
  • Mentors are leaders in the Infrastructure industry
  • Minimum of 6 sessions required
  • 6 month duration of full program

Prospective Agenda:

  • Month 1 – Introduction & Goal Setting: Meet and greet between mentor and mentee. What is the mentee trying to achieve by entering the program and what support can the mentor provide?
  • Month 2 – Leadership: What does this mean in the Infrastructure Industry? Discuss what is of value and what the mentee should take into consideration as they progress as a leader.
  • Month 3 – Intellectual Advancement: Work on an intellectual challenge. This can be a discussion around an unknown area of interest, an opportunity to develop a new skill or simply an opportunity to help mentee reflect and realign their focus.
  • Month 4 – Industry Talk: Time to discuss the opportunities within this dynamic industry. Share experiences about what the future holds and how to take advantage of these opportunities.
  • Month 5 – Networking: Opportunity to connect mentees within the industry to someone who could possibly bring value or influence on their future.
  • Month 6 – Feedback & Conclusion: Wrap up sessions by reflecting progress, providing feedback, sharing advice and closing comments.

Interested in Participating?

  • Interested mentors should fill out the form here by March 25th.
  • Prospective mentees should fill out the form here by March 25th.

Read the YPI Mentorship Program Code of Conduct here.


Please reach out to administrator@ypinfrastructure.com with “Mentorship Program” in the subject line.