Young Professionals In Infrastructure Education Opportunities

Young Professionals In Infrastructure Education Opportunities

“Building The Future” Grant

The Young Professionals in Infrastructure “Building The Future” Grant is an award for undergraduate and graduate students, which is designed to support greater diversity within our organization and the infrastructure industry. Selected students will receive free membership to YPI and be eligible for an award of up to $2,500. We are currently accepting applications.

2023 Grant in MemoriamSarah Schick sadly passed away early this year in a cycling accident. She was a valued and respected member of the global project finance, energy, and infrastructure industry over the past 15 years, most recently serving as the Head of P3 for North America at Macquarie. Sarah is lovingly remembered by her husband and two daughters. As a strong advocate for women in infrastructure and YPI, and valued leader of our infrastructure community, Sarah has left a lasting impact on us all. We are honored to award this year’s YPI Building the Future Grant in her memory.

To receive the entire award, the student must:

  • Commit to meeting quarterly with a YPI mentor for the duration of a year
  • Participate on a minimum of one YPI event panel or write a publishable work

In selecting the grant recipients, YPI will consider students’:

  • Interest in pursuing a career in infrastructure after graduation
  • Undergraduate record, including academic achievements and involvement in extracurricular activities
  • Demonstrated leadership
  • Demonstrated commitment to promoting diversity
  • Affiliation with a historically underrepresented group in the infrastructure industry (e.g., students who are members of racial and/or ethnic minority groups, LGBTQ, or are differently abled)

To apply for the YPI “Building the Future” Grant, please submit an application that includes your resume, a brief letter of motivation (500 words or less), and a short response (500 words or less) to one of the following prompts:

Please provide a brief description of an infrastructure project where:

  • Diversity was not held as a core value and how you believe it could have been done differently; or
  • Diversity was valued and integrated successfully into the project as a key asset.

Applications for the YPI “Building The Future” Grant are due July 1, 2023

Please submit questions to general@ypinfrastructure.comwith “YPI Grant” in the Subject line.

Grant applicants are encouraged to sign up to join us at upcoming YPI events by visiting

2023 Fellowship Program

Updated 10/03/2022

The purpose of the YPI Fellowship Program is to provide graduate students with the opportunity
to engage with professionals in the infrastructure sector to help further their academic research
and allow them to communicate the product of their study and academic achievement in
conferences and other academic and industry forums. YPI recognizes the importance of ensuring
that the infrastructure industry and academia engage in regular communication to further common
goals and hopes to provide high achieving individuals with the opportunity to network with the
various YPI member organizations.

The YPI Fellowship will provide Fellows with funding that can be applied to costs such as travel
and registration costs in order to attend conference(s) and/or other industry event(s), and/or fees
to access various P3 data repositories for research purposes. Grants of up to $5,000 will be
awarded to one or more YPI Fellows.

In addition to facilitating opportunities for meaningful engagement with industry, Fellows will
partner with YPI on a research project. This project will be proposed by applicants as part of the
application process, and can vary widely in terms of topic and scope.

Fellowship Application Criteria and Process:

  • Current graduate student (e.g., MA, MS, MBA, MPA, MPP, PhD or JD candidates or equivalent degrees)
  • Student is undertaking, or has a desire to undertake, research on infrastructure, with a connection to innovative/alternative delivery or P3s
  • Applications will be evaluated by a panel of YPI members.
  • YPI Fellowship Application_2022 – 2023

Applications for 2023 are due February 28, 2023


1. General Questions

  • What interests you about P3s? (150 words)
  • Describe any prior knowledge of and experience with P3s, including through internship/work experience, courses taken, research papers, etc. (this excludes ongoing research) (150 words)
  • What are some of the key research areas regarding P3s that need to be explored in future? (key improvement areas) (150 words)
  • What are your current intentions post-graduation, and particularly as it relates to the infrastructure and P3 industry? (150 words)
  • Please attach your resume.

2. Research Topic

  • Explain your current MS/PhD research on infrastructure/P3s including the need for
    your research and how it is contributing towards the development of infrastructure
    or P3 industry (300 words).
  • What is your MS/PhD research schedule and tentative completion time? Please
    note that the YPI Fellowship will begin in January and conclude in November. (150
    words or a schedule)

3. Contribution to YPI

  • Please describe one or two main research projects that you propose to work on
    during the Fellowship year.

    • Provide research topic, introduction, objectives, methodology etc. for the
      research project(s) (not more than 300 words)
    • Explain how your research is contributing towards development of YPI
      and/or the P3 industry (150 words)
  • Describe how you would propose to utilize the YPI Fellowship funding.
    • Provide details of your plan to utilize YPI Fellowship grant towards your
      research project. This should include (at a minimum) different activities
      along with an approximate amount for each activity and the associated
    • Additionally, what information, data, support, etc. would you envision being
      necessary from YPI to complete the project?

Please include any other feedback you deem relevant to this application for the
review of the selection committee.

Please submit any questions and final applications to with “YPI Fellow” in the Subject line. Attachments may be in Word or PDF format.